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Unique Procedures Add To SLMS Excitement!

(March 31st, 2023) - In the spirit of creating an exciting and unique racing product that delivers a top-level experience for fans, the Super Late Model Series team is unveiling some new procedures that will aim to enhance and elevate the racing action for the debut series.

Several procedures were first leaked on RaceTime Radio on Sunday March 26th by Super Late Model Series Race Director Brent Roy - notably including a new to Atlantic Canada qualifying format.

A special qualifying format will set the field for each 150-lap feature. SLMS will be one of the first sanctioning bodies in Atlantic Canada to implement a passing points / plus-minus system for heat races to determine the crucial starting positions for each driver for the main event.

Heat races will be set by a random draw - giving each driver an equal shot at starting positions. Drivers will receive a +/- score depending on how many positions they gain or lose during the heats. This will emphasize making moves in the qualifiers which, combined with championship points being on the line, will exponentially increase the intensity of heat races while setting the stage for a dramatic main event.

The format used for this passing points qualifying format will similarly mimic the format used by the American Canadian Tour in New England. More specific details will be provided in the SLMS procedural rulebook, but the easy explanation is the more cars a driver passes, the better they will start in the feature - and vice versa where the more cars that pass a driver, the deeper in the field they will start.

A breakdown of how passing points will be awarded is as follows:

· Drivers will earn a +1 point for each position they gain for the duration of a heat race. Ex. A driver who starts 4th and finishes 2nd will earn a +2 score.

· Drivers will earn a -1 point for each position they lose for the duration of a heat race. Ex. A driver who starts 2nd and finishes 5th will earn a -3 score.

· One exception is a bonus point - a driver who starts on the pole of a heat race and wins the heat race will receive a score of +1 (as opposed to 0).

The field for the main event will be set in order of highest passing points - meaning the driver who passes the most cars in their heat race (hence earning the highest score), will start on the pole of the 150-lap feature and earn the EIT Race Radios Pole Sitter contingency award.

“All too often we see guys draw number 1, and they win the first heat race, then they run away and lead a bunch of laps,” said SLMS Race Director Brent Roy on RaceTime Radio. “We’re going to have a system similar to ACT, where if you start fifth and finish second you get a plus three. It’s going to promote passing throughout the heat race, and make the heat races even more exciting than what they are.”

“Somebody who starts sixth in the second heat, has the potential to win the pole for the main event. There is going to be some racers who maybe are not used to it, but the clarity of the system and understanding how it works is a lot of time when confusion or frustration sets in, so communication from us to [drivers and teams] will be a real priority in making sure everybody is on the same page.”

Additionally, a rule that has become increasingly adopted in stock car racing will be part of the Super Late Model Series events. The “choose” rule will be applied for all restarts for the 150-lap main event. Growing in popularity, the choose rule puts a driver’s destiny in their own hands, giving them the option to choose the lane of their choice for a restart.

Adding an element of strategy, fans will be on the edge of their seat on each restart as the race progresses and they watch their favorite driver pick their fate. When intensity peaks on a late race restart, the lane choice will be dramatic and is sure to get fans on their feet anticipating the setup to an incredible finish.

The choose will occur with two laps remaining until green. An orange “choose” marker will be painted on the exit of turn 2 at each host track, which is where drivers will have to commit to their lane.

Amongst the other enhancements planned are the addition of yellow trim to the spoiler of the points leader for each Super Late Model Series event - signifying to fans where the points leader is at all times.

More exciting developments are anticipated as the opening race nears. A procedural rulebook outlining full details on these rules, procedures, and more will be released by the series in the coming days. Drivers, teams, and fans will be able to find a copy online at “” when released on the “Rules” page - which is also where the recently released technical rules can be found.

Today, March 31st, also marks the final day of pre-season registration. Registrations have rolled in in large numbers, with upwards of two dozen drivers committing to full-time competition, and nearly another dozen expressing intent to compete on a part-time basis. If drivers haven’t registered yet, they are encouraged to not hesitate and do so ASAP! The $500 registration fee can be sent to - after today registrations will only be accepted on a per race basis at a cost of $150 per event.

As preparations continue, fans are encouraged to “Like” and “Follow” Super Late Model Series on all forms of social media at @slmseries. Registered drivers are being unveiled every Tuesday and Thursday, with plenty of announcements and teasers to come. Fans can also head to, the official online home of the Super Late Model Series!

Header Photo Credit to Sam Penney Photos



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