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Super Late Model Series Part Of Rising Tide In Motorsports!

(March 13th, 2023) – It’s no secret – the motorsports industry is on the rise on so many levels. Globally there is a renewed interest in all types of racing. On the short track level, this past weekend was monumental in North America, with two premier late model series’ - the CARS Tour, recently purchased by a Hall of Fame ownership group that includes NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr, and the all-new ASA Stars SLM Tour – kicking off their own historic 2023 seasons in the Southern portion of the United States of America with great fanfare and attention.

Meanwhile, in the Canadian Maritime provinces – which arguably could be the best kept secret in the short track industry – another new late model series is just two months away from its own historic premiere.

Formed through a partnership between the management group of three regional tracks – Oyster Bed Speedway, Petty International Raceway, and Speedway 660 – the new Super Late Model Series vows to alter the motorsports landscape in the region, disrupting the old normal and challenging the boundaries of what stock car racing events can be.

Perhaps on a large scale, it’s easy for the Maritime region to be overlooked. With two months until opening day – with the Super Late Model Series debut marking the first race in the Maritimes for 2023 - the season is inherently shorter than for tracks and series south of the border. But what the region may lack in quantity of racing - due to a shorter season - it more than makes up for in quality of racing.

Per capita, there are as many paved oval tracks between the provinces that make up the Maritimes – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island - as anywhere. Boasting nine venues over a region with a population just shy of two million, it truly shows just how strong the industry is, and how fast and furious the season is. It’s a racing scene that hosts four major 250+ lap Late Model events, each paying in excess of $10,000 to win. And now, the new Super Late Model Series looks to add to and strengthen the motorsports landscape, while placing a greater spotlight on the elite talents and passionate fans who call this corner of Canada home.

While big planning and preparations are ongoing, the early efforts and response have been overwhelming, and truly are a sign of things to come. To date, there has been upwards of two dozen teams signal their intent to participate in the inaugural season, and interest only continues to grow. Interest has come not only from the three Maritime provinces, but also further West as far as Ontario, as well as from drivers from several American states. The SLMS social media channels are being used to introduce fans to the “Super Late Model Series Superstars.”

Recently, management announced the first sponsors in series history. Five organizations with a rich history of supporting racing have become the inaugural supporters of the series – Brycon Construction, Clamdiggers Beach House and Restaurant, Doherty’s Right-of-Way Services, King Competition, and GD Fabrication & Racecars. Enforcements like these further enhance the stellar support the series has garnered on the east coast since its announcement in late 2022.

From a promotional perspective, the big build towards the series opener continues. The promotional team has been working on new content, led by the unveiling of the “Series Superstars”. The following for the series continues to build and grow on all social platforms, while the Super Late Model Series website continues to be perfected into the official online home of the series. Thousands of passionate motorsports enthusiasts have been taking notice to the series – a number growing every week.

As the sand in the hour glass of winter continues to drop, and the popsicle sticks indicate there are only two months until the Super Late Model Series opener at Speedway 660 on Saturday May 13th, the time is near to fasten those seatbelts. Drivers are ready not only to race, but to put some fun back into racing, and fans are getting pumped to witness history in the making. Rising tides raise all ships, and predictions are showing a record-breaking high tide at short tracks on the Super Late Model Series in 2023.



SLMS_F (1).png
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